Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Neglected

Today is my birthday.  And I expected this year for the day to be a little neglected due to 1) last year's 80's prom extravaganza; 2) Jason being in Charlotte for business; 3) planning a wedding; and 4) it being the last hurrah of my twenties.  However, it has turned out to be the complete opposite!

It seems that I'll actually be celebrating this gem of 29 for an entire week.  It started out on Sunday and Monday as I baked two guilty-pleasure cakes from the box (funfetti and lemon) for our association's tradition of bring-your-own-birthday-treats.

Then yesterday I was surprised by my office being wildly (as wild as three birthday banners and ceiling curly-q's can be!) decorated with party-store flair and a delivery of the most gorgeous flowers from my most amazing fiance.

Today my coworkers and I plan to enjoy the beautiful weather (another great present) and have lunch somewhere outside.  And then it's off to pack for... Secret Trip 2011!!  This brings me full circle to the title of the blog - "A Little Neglected."  For while my birthday was not at all, this poor little blog has been.  I still owe it a post about my latest business trip to Boston and I plan to have a helluva post about the aforementioned Secret Trip.

The Secret Trip is not only how I will continue to celebrate the close of my decade for the remainder of the week, it is also what the besties have cooked up to substitute as the dreaded bachelorette party - a weekend that has been described as relaxing, breezy and charming, and I have no idea where I am headed!  I've been told to pack a bathing suit, sunglasses, a huge straw hat, anything navy blue and flips flops.  And the flight is an hour in length.  Any guesses?  Girls, am I on the right track here?

Where ever it is, it will be perfect.  And my birthday has been perfect thanks to EVERYONE.  Now I owe it to this little blog to get it back to perfect - fear not bloggie, the next few months are full of fun travel, I promise!

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